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Size really does matter : The nanotechnology revolution

Durkan, Colm

Nanotechnology is a buzz word many of us have heard but are uncertain what it really means. This book works to dispel the myths and unravel the truth about this branch of science and technology that has already touched many aspects of our lives, from cheaper and faster medical diagnostic tools and more effective ways to deliver existing ones to helping to create new medicines and electronic devices.

Size Really Does Matter starts by looking at the science and history of nanotechnology, followed by real-life examples of how it is used, what cutting-edge research is being carried out and why, and potential risks of this exciting new technology.

It is written in an accessible style with genuine enthusiasm for the topics it addresses, including how nanotechnology hopes to address problems in several fields, such as cancer research, novel devices, new materials and improved manufacturing methods for existing products.

World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.


Title:Size really does matter : The nanotechnology revolution
Material Type:EB, Electronic Book
Author: Durkan, Colm(Author)
Publisher:World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.
Palce of Publication:Singapore
Publication Date:2019
Pagination:xii; 234p.;
ISBN (or other code):978-1-7863-4663-6
Keywords: nanotechnology; nanostructured materials;
Edition statement:
File Size: 18.85 MB

Size really does matter : The nanotechnology revolution

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