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Consciousness and Robot Sentience2nd Edition : Series on Machine Consciousness: Volume 4

Haikonen, Pentti O

THIS BOOK is the fully revised and updated second edition of "Consciousness and Robot Sentience". With lots of new material, it will provide new insights into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine consciousness, beyond materials published in the first edition. The organization of this book has been streamlined for better clarity and continuity of the lines of arguments.

The perspective of AI has been added to this edition. It is shown that contemporary AI has a hidden problem, which prevents it from becoming a true intelligent agent. A self-evident solution to this problem is given in this book.

This solution is surprisingly connected with the concepts of qualia, the mind-body problem and consciousness. These are the hard problems of consciousness that so far have been without viable solution. Unfortunately, the solution to the hidden problem of AI cannot be satisfactorily implemented, unless the phenomena of qualia and consciousness are first understood. In this book an explanation of consciousness is presented, one that rejects material and immaterial substances, dualism, panpsychism, emergence and metaphysics. What remains is obvious. This explanation excludes consciousness in digital computers, but allows the artificial creation of consciousness in one natural-like way, by associative non-computational neural networks.

The proof of a theory calls for empirical verification. In this case, the proof could be in the form of a sentient robot. This book describes a step towards this in the form of the author's small experimental robot XCR-1. This robot has evolved through the years, and has now new cognitive abilities, which are described.

World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.


Title:Consciousness and Robot Sentience2nd Edition : Series on Machine Consciousness: Volume 4
Material Type:EB, Electronic Book
Author: Haikonen, Pentti O(Author)
Publisher:World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.
Palce of Publication:Singapore
Publication Date:2019
Pagination:xiv; 264p.;
ISBN (or other code):978-981-12-0506-4
Keywords: artificial intelegence; machine conciousness; robot xcr-1;
Edition statement:
File Size: 7.47 MB

Consciousness and Robot Sentience2nd Edition : Series on Machine Consciousness: Volume 4

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