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Total safety and the productivity challenge

Chiara Leva, Maria - Kontogiannis, Tom - Gerbec, Marko

Adopting a strategic approach to risk management can maximize competitiveness and profitability. Total Safety and Productivity approaches offer managers a set of methods and tools to apply a Total Safety Management (TSM) philosophy to achieve this. The capability to anticipate, assess and plan for risks associated with future operations is a critical success factor, for enterprises of all types and sizes. The ability to risk assess actual operations with an easy to apply, resilient methodology can offer significant benefits in terms of the capacity to improve safety and performance.

This book describes approaches that can be used alone or jointly to improve safety management in any organization. The methods are based on academic best practice and have been developed by leading experts, but are presented here in a practical way for application in industry by non-experts. The book outlines a professional approach to risk and safety management, which requires goal setting, planning and the measurement of performance, and encourages a safety management system that is woven holistically into the fabric of an organization so that it becomes part of the culture, the way people do their jobs, and helps ensure that issues are correctly prioritized and managed as they emerge.

This book is essential reading for professionals, at both expert and non-expert level, who are interested in applying the TSM philosophy within their organization.



Title:Total safety and the productivity challenge
Material Type:EB, Electronic Book
Author: Chiara Leva, Maria(Editor) - Kontogiannis, Tom(Editor) - Gerbec, Marko(Editor)
Place of Publication:London - United Kingdom
Publication Date:2019
Pagination:297 pages;
ISBN (or other code):978-1-315-10810-0
Keywords: built environment; total safety-productivity; engineering & technology; health and social care;
Edition statement:
File Size: 4.25 MB

Total safety and the productivity challenge


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