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Agro-techniques of selected medicinal plants (volume 1)

National Medicinal Plants Board, India

India has a rich heritage of plant-based health care systems like Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha, which have a very high degree of societal acceptance as they provide quality health care to a large segment of our population. A recent study by the NMPB (National Medicinal Plants Board) has highlighted the fact although about 6000 plants are used in the folk and documented systems of medicine in India, less than 50 species of medicinal plants are cultivated to any sizeable extent. The NMPB has the primary mandate of supporting programmes relating to conservation and development of medicinal plants. While conservation of medicinal plant resources in situ is the major component of the schemes of the board, promoting cultivation of medicinal plants is also of equal, if not greater, importance, considering the potential that medicinal plants offer for crop diversification and income generation.

National Medicinal Plants Board


Title:Agro-techniques of selected medicinal plants (volume 1)
Material Type:EB, Electronic Book
Author: National Medicinal Plants Board, India(Author)
Publisher:National Medicinal Plants Board
Place of Publication:New Delhi, India
Publication Date:2008
Pagination:262 pages
Source:Website National Medicinal Plants Board: https://www.nmpb.nic.in/
ISBN (or other code):978-81-7993-154-7
Keywords: Medicinal plants; NMPB (National Medicinal Plants Board); Agro-techniques
Edition statement:
File Size: 3.55 MB

Agro-techniques of selected medicinal plants (volume 1)

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